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Grappling for Position by Melynda Price (Blog Tour with Giveaway)


Today we have the blog tour for Grappling for Position by Melynda Price! Check it out and grab your copy today!

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Title: Grappling for Position

Author: Melynda Price

Genre: Sports Romance

About Grappling for Position:

Willow Scott is sweet, innocent, and 100% untouchable. She’s the epitome of everything MMA fighter Regan “Rapscallion” Matthews has always wanted, but will never have. A woman like her deserves more than a scrapper from the wrong side of the tracks–the Scott’s charity case.

Unfortunately for Regan, his best friend’s little sister is all grown up and she’s tired of playing by the rules. When Willow sees something she wants, she goes after it–damn the consequences–and her sights are set on him. With a shot at the Welterweight title finally within his grasp, Willow Scott is a distraction Regan can’t afford. But this willful woman is determined to make him tap-out.

Willow has been in love with Regan Matthews since she was in pigtails and braces. Over the years, she’s all but given up hope of her brother’s friend returning her affection, but a part of her never stopped praying that someday he would see her as more than Kyle Scott’s annoying little sister. If Willow has her way that’s all about to change, and Regan must decide if he’s willing to risk losing his best friend and the Welterweight title for a woman he doesn’t deserve but cannot live without.

**All Against the Cage books can be read as stand-alones**

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Exclusive Excerpt: 

Regan watched Willow go, unable to tear his eyes off her perfect heart-shaped ass. The way her skirt swished with each step, flirting with the tips of her polished toes . . . his cock strained against his jeans. But the pressure coiling in his groin was nothing compared with the tightening in his chest. Had he really thought to convince himself he didn’t love her? For crissake, what was not to love? Willow represented everything he wanted in a woman. She was sweet, innocent, and kind—beautiful and selfless. What man wouldn’t fall in love with that?

Maybe he should give himself a break and stop beating himself up over something he had no control over. Then again, maybe he should stop trying to justify betraying his best friend.

Willow rounded the corner and disappeared with a finger-fluttering wave. Exhaling a breath, Regan leaned against the wall and closed his eyes as what the fuck did I just do? raced through his head. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one with that question because, a moment later, his thoughts were put to voice.

“What are you doing, man?”

Regan opened his eyes to find Carson in his grill. Seriously? Dude better back the hell off, because he was not in the mood for this shit right now. And what happened to the whoa, let’s not piss off the MMA fighter routine? An act for Willow’s benefit? Possibly, because right now this guy didn’t look like he gave two fucks that Regan made a living kicking ass. It’d been a long time since someone had stepped up on him. In fact, the last person to do it had been his old man.

“Who the hell are you?” Regan asked with bored interest. He was not going to let this little prick know how close he was to pushing Regan’s “Go” button. Well, little was kinda figurative, because the guy was maybe an inch shorter than he was, minus about fifteen pounds of muscle mass.

“I’m the guy who’s going to take your girl if you don’t get your shit together.”

Wrong answer. Regan grabbed the guy by the shirt and swapped positions, slamming the little shit up against the wall. Now who was in whose face? His top lip curled back in a snarl he reserved for the cage, but Willow’s puppy bared his own teeth, looking like he was ready to bite back—a Doberman against a Golden Retriever wasn’t going to be much of a fight.

“Let’s get something straight right now,” Regan growled. “Willow is mine.”

“Then you better step up or step out of the way, because that girl’s heartache is my siren call. You do this a lot, don’t you? Huff and puff around any guy that might get close to her. Well, I’ll tell you what, Big Bad Wolf. My house ain’t made of straw. You aren’t going to blow it down.”

“We’ll see about that. You cross the line with her, and I’ll sure as shit knock you the fuck out.”

Romeo gave him another flash of teeth that wasn’t even close to a smile. And he’d be damned—that dog did have a set of fangs, after all.

“Maybe, maybe not . . .”

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About the Author:

Melynda Price is a USA Today Award-Winning Finalist in Contemporary Romance. Her bestselling mixed-martial-arts romance, Against the Cage series, has multiple times hit #1 in the Amazon Bestsellers list. She is releasing a new romantic suspense series, Beneath the Surface, this fall.

A multi-published author of contemporary and paranormal romance, what Price enjoys most about writing is the chance to make her readers fall in love, over and over again. She cites the greatest challenge of writing is making the unbelievable believable, while taking her characters to the limit with stories full of passion and unique twists and turns. Salting stories with undertones of history whenever possible, Price strives to plant her characters deep into her readers’ hearts so they will long be remembered.

She currently lives in Northern Minnesota with her husband and two children, where she has plenty of snow-filled days to write while curled up in front of the fireplace with her Chihuahua and a hot cup of coffee.

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