Sunday, February 26, 2017

Unique (The Manhattanites #6) by Avery Aster (Review)

(The Manhattanites #6)
by Avery Aster

Fans of Vi Keeland, Alexa Riley, and Sabrina Paige will enjoy this stand-alone, cliffhanger free, m/m/f contemporary erotic romance novel that features an HEA for all three protagonists.

Dumped by Europe's hottest disc jockey Kiki Izatt jumps into her career taking New York society by storm. In charge of Brill Inc.'s jewelry client Paloma Gems she's ready to show the industry who sparkles.

Superstar DJ Dejon had no choice but to cut ties. If Kiki blew his cover by discovering his real intentions to hijack The Style Gala, she'd ruin his crusade to return the blood diamonds to his West African people. Dejon couldn't go back on his word to his brother Dash even if it meant not marrying Kiki.

When Dash Turay accidently shoots and injures Kiki while stealing Paloma's most valuable stone, he's taken with her. Dash wants her. He must have her! So what if Kiki is from Utah and promised her virginity to Dejon. Dash will find a way to get her in his bed with or without Dejon's approval.

Familiar with Sister Wives Kiki wonders if it's time to try her hand at Brother-Husbands!

Note: the men DO NOT touch one another.

This has been a great series and I had always wondered about Taddy Brill's assistant Kiki and this is her story. I want to point out that the twin brothers DO NOT touch one another ever even though the blurb says M/M/F it's actually a M/F/M relationship.

Kiki is a virgin and being around the Manhattanites has definitely peaked her curiosity about sexual matters but she has always been determined to remain pure until her wedding night.  The question is...will she actually make it to her wedding night when she has fallen so completely in love with Dejon?

They say diamonds are a girls best friend, well that holds true for Kiki since it is the biggest account she has been given by Taddy, she is to represent Paloma Gems, which means she gets to coordinate the display and advertisement of the beautiful and rare diamond pieces.

Dejon and Dash have set out to find and take back all of the blood diamonds that have been bought from their hometown in Africa, it was their fathers dying wish that the finish what he began. But now that Kiki is the representation of the gem company that has one of the pieces can Dejon be with her and fulfill his promise?

As with other Avery Aster books, this one is off the charts HOT! Honestly how can it not be when you have identical looking twins that aren't identical in the way they need her, one is sweet and caring while the other is consuming and demanding. Dejon and Dash are both determined to get the blood diamonds back but neither of the men are ready to leave Kiki behind. Will Kiki be able to be with them when she finds out the truth? Only one way to find out.....

Be sure to add Unique to your goodreads TBR shelf, and why not grab a copy today.

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