Sunday, January 22, 2017

(Review) Wagering on Wendy (Playing for Love #4) by Tara Crescent

Wagering on Wendy
(Playing for Love #4)
by Tara Crescent

A steamy mΓ©nage. A secret baby.

I’m not looking for anything serious.
My ex-wife was a gold-digger who pretended to be knocked up so I’d be forced to marry her.
I’ve learned my lesson.
You want panty-melting, toe-curling sex? I’m your man.
But I’m not available for anything else.
I don’t do commitment. I don’t do relationships.
Then I met Wendy.

My life is falling apart.
I’ve been fired from my job. My new stepbrother has promised to ruin me. The only people on my side are Hudson and Asher.
I shouldn’t have given in to temptation. I shouldn’t have slept with them.
One night, they said. No promises. Just pleasure.
But the condom failed.
What am I supposed to do now?

I fell in love with a client once, and it wrecked me.
I hate Wendy’s father. I want to destroy her stepbrother. I should stay away from her.
So why do I find myself thinking about Wendy all the time?
Then my past comes back to haunt me.
Wendy’s life is in danger. We have to protect her.
Then we find out she’s pregnant.

Note: Wagering on Wendy is a full-length MFM mΓ©nage romance that is all about the woman. This story is about two damaged men who fall in love with the same woman. No cliffhangers.

Tara Crescent is one of my FAVORITE Authors because I know no matter what the subject matter, or, whether it's contemporary or science fiction, it will be a STEAMY read, and this book is proof positive of that. Melt your panties HOT! The chemistry between Asher, Wendy, and Hudson was combustible.

I am loving this series, Wagering on Wendy is the fourth book in the "Playing for Love" series, each book is based on one of the friends that meet each Monday night for their Thursday night get together...yes their Thursday Night meeting for drinks and gossip is held on Monday nights....strange but it works. I have loved getting to know each of the women and although each of the women pop up in all of the books each story can be read as a stand alone makes it easier for jumping into the series at any time.

Wendy is a divorce lawyer and from her upbringing she doesn't trust men very much, that being said, she is going to learn how to trust Asher and Hudson because the three of them are perfect together! Asher and Hudson have their own reasons for not putting their hearts on the line, Hudson was previously married to a gold digger, and Asher...poor Asher was in love with a client and he was heartbroken when she was no longer in the picture. To say that all three of them have had events in their lives that left them with a wall around their hearts would be an understatement, BUT, when the walls finally start to fall....its a wonderful thing to witness.


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