Tuesday, April 11, 2017

At Attention (Out of Uniform #2) by Annabeth Albert (Review)

At Attention (Out of Uniform #2)


Lieutenant Apollo Floros can ace tactical training missions, but being a single dad to his twin daughters is more than he can handle. He needs live-in help, and he's lucky a friend's younger brother needs a place to stay. He's surprised to see Dylan all grown up with a college degree…and a college athlete's body. Apollo's widowed heart may still be broken, but Dylan has his blood heating up.

It's been eight years since the teenage Dylan followed Apollo around like a lovesick puppy, and it's time he showed Lieutenant Hard-to-Please that he's all man now—an adult who's fully capable of choosing responsibility over lust. He can handle Apollo's muscular sex appeal, but Apollo the caring father? Dylan can't afford to fall for that guy. He's determined to hold out for someone who's able to love him back, not someone who only sees him as a kid brother.

Apollo is shocked by the intensity of his attraction to Dylan. Maybe some no-strings summer fun will bring this former SEAL back to life. But the combination of scorching desire and warm affection is more than he'd expected, and the emotion between them scares him senseless. No fling lasts forever, and Apollo will need to decide what's more important—his past or his future—if he wants to keep Dylan in his life.

I was hoping Apollo was next up to get his HEA when I read Off Base so not only was I thrilled that he was, but, I also loved the fact that Dylan was Dustin's younger brother, Apollo's best friend, and there was a ten year age difference between the two.

As a teenager Dylan had a huge crush on Lieutenant Apollo Floros but not only was Apollo out of reach  for him due to their age difference but Apollo never saw him as anything other than Dustin's little brother. How annoying is that! WELL, Dylan is now all grown up and very attractive in fact when Apollo first sees him after so many years he doesn't even recognize him but he finds himself staring at his nice backside.

Dylan needs a place to stay for the summer while he's working at a daycare center in San Diego and there is no better place for him to stay other than Apollo's guest room. ;)

This story had some angst as would expect with someone dealing with trying to move on with after the loss of a spouse, Apollo got into his own head at times and it made for a few difficult situations. I think this story was emotional but there was enough light moments so that it didn't completely engulf you with darkness. 

I have been enjoying this series a lot and I cannot wait for "On Point" which will be Ben and Maddox's story, can these friends take it to the next step as lovers? Only time will tell.


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